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Shop our range of natural supplements and homeopathy for dogs. Homeopathy for dogs, joint supplements for dogs, flea treatment for dogs, calming tablets for dogs, dog teeth cleaning and our dog urine grass spot prevention remedy, Green Peez plus much more. Handpicked natural products which you won't find on the High Street. Welcome to the home of natural health for dogs. 

Wormwood Complex 

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A combination of herbs traditionally used  for parasitic infestations. Due to the symbiotic nature of fleas and tapeworms a pet with fleas is also likely to have worms.  Ingredients include: Wormwood, Walnut, Garlic & Clove. N.B. Due to the gentle yet effective nature of this combination you can safely give Wormwood Complex to puppies, kittens and birds, including poultry. The combination can also be used as a prophylactic, given once per week, fortnight or month. Wormwood Complex is added to food. Made in UK by Phytopet

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