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Unwind: Hyper dogs 

Unwind: Hyper dogs £ 10.50 In stock



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Homeopathy for the dog who is too excited to listen. Invaluable for show, working and pet dogs. Unwind can improve their responsiveness to you.  If you have a very hyperactive dog, one that seems to be always on the go, please also think about what you feed them; many commercial foods and treats contain colourings and/or sugars which can make your dog's behaviour worse.  Read our blog Feeding Dogs Nature's Way for more information.

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We have two young,large dogs in our household - big puppies, you could say. Sometimes late in the evenings, they decide it's a good time to have another play time, which includes running around madly outside and barking into the darkness - one of them is an expert escape artist who knows how to open doors. Our neighbours are extremely tolerant, but I don't want to test this, so after they've been playing for about half an hour, and I want to go to bed,I give them each an Unwind tablet, and within 20 minutes they're lying down and relaxed again, even if I give the tablets when the dogs are super-hyper. It's amazing how well Unwind works - can't do without it!
My naughty pup was always so hyped up, especially on a walk, wouldn't listen to me, just a complete pain. Since I started giving him Unwind and took your advice about ditching some of the coloured treats I was giving him he's a different dog. So much more manageable and calm. Thanks

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