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4 August 2020
Hello, having come across Canine Natural Cures, I thought it quite a 'find'. My first purchase were for Tess, a collie fried that I often take for walks (her person being disabled). Ticks were bothering her so I ws happy to find a spray and 'tick remover' gadget. She devoured the fish and potato biscuit sample that you sent so I phoned today and for 3 bags of the same! One for Pablo, my next door neighbour and another for Tess to take home. The third to be distributed on our walks. Many thanks for an excellent service and interesting products. Denise. 

4 August 2020
Very satisfied and I shall soon be ordering something else. Liz Jolly. 

4 August 2020
Thank you Frances for all your advice. Means a lot to have someone to chat to and receive help and guidance from someone very knowledgeable. Will keep you posted how things go. Paula Willsmore. 

8 June 2020

Very happy with service and delivery. Bit early to confirm if products products provide results. I think our 15 year Jack Russell seems to have bit more movement in his hind legs so all good. Very happy to support an independent retailer. B Morrison 

2 June 2020
I recently bought Ring O Fire for Monty's anal gland problems and his stools are so much firmer now. Also he enjoys the herbs. I also bought the fish treats which he loves . I used to have 5 cavaliers and over the years have found your advice very helpful. Now I just have Monty so I don't buy so much but I am sure we will be back for some more fish treats. S Boughton. 

1 June 2020
I have purchased several products and they have all been wonderful and helpful for my dogs skin condition. One delivery arrived and the bag was empty. We wondered if the product had fallen out during the delivery process, however after contacting one of your sales advisers she sent another product out immediately and it arrived a few days after. Great customer service and great products. I will most definitely be ordering from your company again in the distant future. A Barbato-Russell

15 May 2020
Very pleased with my purchases. Thank you.will be using your site again in the near future. J Flowers

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