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Probiotics Provide Relief for Dogs with Seasonal Allergies

Latest research indicates that probiotics may offer gentle, effective relief for dogs suffering from seasonal allergies. By restoring gut health, probiotics may improve immune system functioning and reduce susceptiblity to seasonal allergies.

Probiotics encourage healthy bacteria to flourish. Some dogs may not have sufficient good bacteria in their digestive tract. Sometimes this is due to ill health but it can also be genetic or related to seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies to grass and pollen affect many dogs and the doggy form of hayfever will exhibit as itchy skin, paws and sometimes even weepy eyes and noses.

By adding a probiotic to your dog's daily meal, you can help to promote healthy gut bacteria which will boost the immune system and enable it better fight allergens. 

Best Probiotics for Dogs with Allergies

Probiotic Concentrate: A blend of chicory inulin prebiotic, and SC1-1077 live yeast probotic. The live yeast acts as a barrier against harmful gut bacteria. Probiotic Concentrate is designed to help regulate gut activity, helping to ensure that all of the elements in the digestive process are in tip top condition, all the way from top to ‘bottom’. This should keep your pet's insides healthy resulting in a dog or cat in the best possible condition. £12.99 100g.

Duobiotic: DUO-BIOTIC  is a pro-biotic and a pre-biotic to feed and strengthen friendly bacteria. Contains Inulin, an insoluble plant polysaccharide, which raises the bacterial count in the colon and significantly increases the absorption of calcium and magnesium. £12.50/300g

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