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PowAir Block Deodoriser 

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PowAir Block. Continuous Odour Neutralisation for Small Areas

PowAir blocks eliminate bad odours safely and permanently from the air. It is a proven essential oil based odour neutraliser infused with refreshing aromatic scents.

An odour neutraliser in solid wax form. It is a complex formula of essential oils – industrial strength yet safe for your home and can be used around people, pets and plants.

Genuine Odour Neutraliser

PowAir Block completely removes almost any airborne odours, cleanly and effectively – binding directly with the odour molecules to deactivate them and eliminate the bad smell permanently. Unlike other brands which just mask the odour with fragrance, this is a genuine odour neutralisation agent.

Environmentally Friendly & Non Toxic

PowAir blocks are a fast and easy way to fight against odours at their source. Simply open and expose to the air. The duration of the block will vary but it will be effective for about  1000+ hours depending on the airflow and environment around the block. To limit the amount of odour control and extend the life of the block, drill holes through the lid making it excellent for clothing storage, gym bags etc.

Suitable for Pets, Toilets, Cars, Boats & Caravans

PowAir blocks are ideal for pet smells around dog baskets, litter trays and toilets. Cars, boats and caravans are suitable for blocks especially when they have been in storage and subject to dampness or mustiness. The block will release its powerful odour neutralising agent and keep the location free from undesirable odours. It is also very effective in other small areas and spaces such as cupboards, rubbish storage, bathrooms, closets,attics, kitchens, bedrooms, air vents, gym bags. Simply remove the cap and place the container in your desired location.   We keep a PowAir block in the car all the time to fight that doggy smell we all have to deal with!  And it works great!


My car used to stink of dogs. I didn't notice it but everyone else did. I was told my car stank like a mobile kennel. Not any more. I popped a PowAir block under a seat and now the car smells clean and fresh. What I really like about PowAir is that it doesn't have a sickly, artificial smell it just smells fresh. Wouldn't be without it now.

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