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PetCol Colon Care 

PetCol Colon Care £ 9.99 In stock

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PetCol  For healthy tums and healthy bums!

Dog Keep Licking their Bum? Dog Scooting?

If your dog is excessively licking their bum or scooting their bottom across the floor, chances are they may have blocked anal glands. The anal glands are two small glands located around the opening of a dog's bottom and are partly responsible for the foul smell of dog poo!  For some dogs, the anal glands can become compacted. This means that the hole from which the mucus is secreted becomes blocked by a thickening of the mucus and their signature scent cannot be emitted. The afflicted dog will start to feel very uncomfortable and the area around the anus may become red and sore.  If you notice your pet scooting across the floor on its  bottom or constantly licking its rear end then it's an indication that she may be suffering from an anal gland issue.

It's obviously vital that you visit your vet in the first instance to rule out anything more serious; however if your vet thinks it is an anal gland issue then he will probably suggest expressing the anal glands. But there is plenty that you can do yourself to alleviate this condition.

PetCol has been specifically designed for dogs with anal gland conditions. PetCol is a great source of soluble fibre with the added benifit of Pro/Pre Biotic concentrate and helps to create a bulkier stool which is believed to naturally express anal glands.   Read our blog article to find out what else you can do to prevent blocked anal glands.  Anal Glands - The Bottom Line

For best effect try using PetCol with our homoepathic Anal Gland Support.

Use for:
Loose stools.
Anal Gland support.

Ingredients: Psyllium seed powder, Frutafit HD Chicory Inulin, Eurocell RM10 Live Yeast    100g

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