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No Toot - gas aid for dogs 

No Toot - gas aid for dogs £ 13.99 In stock

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Is your dog blowing you away with his/her gas problem?! There's nothing like a farty dog to empty a room fast...

No Toot has been specially formulated to alleviate gas. We tried and tested it on a very windy boxer and managed to sit through a whole evening of TV without vacating the room once. Thumbs up from us!

No Toot works best if you use it in combination with a high quality diet. See our blog on diet for more information. And don't forget to cut out the table scraps. After all the saying 'you are what you eat' applies as much to dogs as it does to us humans.

Ingredients: brewers yeast, glycerine, potato flake, full fat linseed, rapeseed oil, ginger, parsley leaf, yucca, schidigera, fennel seed and tapioca.

Suitable for dogs over 12 weeks old.

Pack contains 60 soft chews and will last a medium sized dog 30 days consuming 2 chews per day.

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