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Miracle Face Scrub & Natural Tear Stain Treatment 

Miracle Face Scrub & Natural Tear Stain Treatment £ 12.00 In stock



Miracle Face Scrub & Natural Tear Stain Treatment is a magical 2-in-1 tear-free, wheat-free face scrub and pH balanced treatment that safely removes dirt and discolorations from the face and ears. It is the new natural solution to removing stubborn tear stains too. Miracle Face Scrub uses ingredients extracted from Green Tea, as well as a Vegan alternative to Keratin, and botanical extracts.

With Miracle Face Scrub, you can get optimal results in just 5 minutes. Simply dampen the face with warm water, and rub in to the fur. Leave in for a minimum of 5 minutes for the treatment to work its magic. It is safe to leave on for longer, safe to use daily, and is kind to your dog’s skin and coat. Miracle Face Scrub is scented with Lemongrass, Orange & Rose Essential Oils for a sweet-smelling face and healthy glossy coat.

Miracle Face Scrub gel is suitable for all breeds, and is safe to use on puppies from 12 weeks.  250ml

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