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Itchy Dog Shampoo 

Itchy Dog Shampoo £ 5.99 In stock

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Itchy Dog Shampoo is a concentrated neem oil and coconut oil shampoo for deep cleansing and skin conditioning. Ideal to use if your pet has fleas as fleas hate the smell of neem! An anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coat conditioner. Made in the UK.

If you think your pet has fleas consider our Flea Bundle. It includes everything you need to fight fleas. Farewell Fleaz 100ml, Get Rid Powder 200g, Scratch 30ml, Itchy Dog Shampoo 250ml, Flea Comb and Tick Remover. For just £39.99 when purchased together saving £4.73 if bought separately.



I like the idea that fleas hate the smell of neem. Makes this a useful shampoo.


S. B
I use this shampoo a lot for my dog's feet. The constant foot licking stopped when I first used it and I have always continued to buy it since.

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