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How to stop your dog barking at everything

"Most dogs bark - I say most because we know one or two who don't bark at all!" Frances, Canine Natural Cures

If you have a dog that barks excessively - and I mean barking at everything - then it is very frustrating both for you and your neighbours. 

The good news is that excessive barking can be solved. It is not an overnight solution but homeopathy combined with the right training can reduce barking to acceptable levels in dogs of all ages. 

Dogs that bark when left alone

Many dogs bark when left alone. This is a symptom of separation anxiety when the dog gets stressed about being parted from his/her pack leader. We have found that since the Pandemic, many  more of our customers are complaining that their dogs are suffering from separation anxiety when they have finally had to leave the house and go back to work/everyday lives.

If your dog only barks excessively when home alone then try a course of our No Bark homeopathy. Start with a 30 day course of the tablets and gradually start to accustom your dog to being left alone. Begin with short periods - maybe just a few minutes - and increase from there. Some of our customers also find it useful to make a recording of their voices and play it on a continuous loop while they are out.

If your dog's separation anxiety is very severe you may like to give him/her a few drops of our herbal tincture Calm Xtra on a treat 20 minutes before you leave the house. 

Dogs that bark at everything - whether they are with you or not

Dogs that bark at everything - eg passersby, cars, other dogs, visitors, the TV - are generally over excited, hard to focus dogs.

For these dogs, whether you are at home with them or not is irrelevant. They will continue to bark. This sort of barking can be especially frustrating but try not to get annoyed with your dog or shout at them to 'shut up'. They won't understand and may just continue to bark as they become more hyper. 

This type of barking requires a different homeopathic approach. We suggest Unwind homeopathy. Try a 30 day course intially.

Also look at your dog's diet. Dogs that are very highly strung are often being fed a pet food high in colourings, additives and sugar which can all have a negative effect on your dog's behaviour. Even if your pet food does not contain any cereal or grain, if it is in carbohydrate this will convert to sugar and may have a similar effect. 

If your dog's barking is extreme then you could try using Unwind in conjunction with Calm Xtra which helps to calm and relax all dogs. 

Dogs that bark at other dogs

Often a dog barks at another dog out of fear.

You will likely know yourself if your dog is fearful of other dogs and if that is the case then he/she would be best trying a course of our homeopathic Non-Aggress Plus.

One of our best selling homeopathic remedies, we have been successfully selling Non-Aggress Plus for over 25 years.

Non-Aggress is specifically designed for dogs that are aggressive out of fear. We find that in most cases, aggression towards other dogs is generally fear induced and in these instances Non-Aggress Plus is a suitable option. 

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