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Nonaggress Plus: Homeopathy for dogs aggressive to other dogs

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Homeopathy for Dogs who are Aggressive towards Other Dogs

Homeopathy for dogs who are aggressive towards other dogs often through fear. These dogs may have had a scare from another dog, whether deliberate or not, and they now act on the basis that are going to be as scary towards other dogs as they can be in order to keep themselves safe. It's a sort of 'I'm going to get you before you get me' attitude!


For some dogs a 30 day course will be sufficient but many will need to longer to overcome the inappropriate learned behaviour. Aggression is a learned behaviour so once your dog is behaving as you would like then gradually reduce the dose from one a day to one every other day and so forth until the tablets are no longer required.


Almost all dogs can be helped by homeopathy. It is especially effective in the management of some behaviours such as anxiety, hyperactivity and aggression. Homeopathy is given to your dog by either popping a tablet in his mouth or crushing the tablet into a powder (easy to do if you put the tablet between a sheet of clean folded paper) and adding to a drop of milk. Please note that homeopathy should not be given with food. Tablets do taste sweet and dogs will often take them as a treat. Handle as little as possible. 

Suggested daily amount
1 tablet daily. 

Miracle Tablets
J Hopkins

Can't thank you enough! These tablets are amazing. Have worked wonders on my Tilly and walks are now enjoyable again as I am not worrying about her reacting to other dogs on a walk. Thank you!

L Bulger

My cocker got beaten up by a terrier a few months ago and ever since then she had been aggressive towards other dogs. She hadn't actually bitten another dog but the constant growling and posturing was starting to be a problem. Non-aggress Plus has been brilliant and her behaviour is starting to improve daily. Fantastic.

I Martin

My GSP used to inexplicably attack other dogs on walk. I would get no warning and all of a sudden she would start growing and pulling faces at another dog. I spoke to Canine Natural CUres and they suggested Non-Aggress Plus. I am so glad that i did because they have definitely improved her behaviour. We will be buying the 90 day course.

Clare W

I spoke to you on the phone about the problems I was having with my bitch as she had experienced one too many of the neighbours' dogs having a go at her and she had decided to retaliate despite being well socialised as a puppy and previously very good around other dogs. You recommended Nonaggress Plus and 3 weeks in I am impressed by the difference in her. She is much more responsive to me in general and now no longer barks if I am there and the dogs walk past the window. She seems less stressed at the obedience shows and able to concentrate better and not so worried about the other dogs around her. This in turn makes me more relaxed. The only thing I haven't been able to assess yet is how she is when we meet the neighbours' dogs on a walk as we haven't seen any of them on walks since she started the tablets!

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