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No Thunder: Reduce the terror of thunderstorms

Homeopathy for Dogs » » No Thunder: Reduce the terror of thunderstorms


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Homeopathy for dogs scared of thunderstorms. These dogs often sense a thunderstorm before it arrives due to a change in the atmosphere.  

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Almost all dogs can be helped by homeopathy. It is especially effective in the management of some behaviours such as anxiety, hyperactivity and aggression. Homeopathy is given to your dog by either popping a tablet in his mouth or crushing the tablet into a powder (easy to do if you put the tablet between a sheet of clean folded paper) and adding to a drop of milk. Please note that homeopathy should not be given with food but al least 30 minutes before or after a meal or when you know they won't be eating for a while! Tablets do taste sweet and dogs will often take them as a treat. Handle as little as possible.

Suggested daily amount

Give 2 pills before a storm and then every 30 - 60 minutes if necessary.  200+ pills.

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