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Skin Combo/Homeopathy for Dog/Calm Itchy Sore Skin 200+tablets

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Skin Combo

Skin Combo

Skin Combo and Ditch the Itch


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Homeopathy for Dogs/Soothes Itchy, Inflamed, Sore Skin

One of our best selling homeopathic remedies to alleviate your dog's sore, itchy skin. No matter what the cause of your dog's scratching, Skin Combo will help to calm and soothe the area.  


Please note that Skin Combo will help your dog to feel more comfortable but it will not address the cause of your dog's scratching. Dogs may scratch for a number of reasons. Most commonly, itching is caused by an allergy or fleas.


For dogs with allergies consider your dog's diet. Lots of dogs are allergic to the grains contained in commercial pet food. Some dogs are also allergic to particular types of meat - ours is allergic to duck - but beef and chicken are also common.


Many dogs have seasonal allergies to grass and pollen so if your dog only scratches at certain times of year then he/she may have a seasonal allergy. Our Ditch the Itch may therefore be a good option for you.


Purchase Skin Combo with Ditch the Itch and pay only £10 for the Skin Combo instead of £15.99. 



Contains our own combination of Sulphur and Nat Mur.




Homeopathy is given to your dog by either popping a pill in his mouth or crushing the pill into a powder (easy to do if you put the pill between a sheet of clean folded paper) and adding to a drop of milk. Please note that homeopathy should not be given with food.  Pills do taste sweet and dogs will often take them as a treat. Handle as little as possible. 


1 pill every 2 hours  reducing to 1 pill 3 times daily.    200 + pills

Flea and Worm All in One
Flea and Worm All in One

Customer reviews

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Fast relief from itching

Mrs A.C. Norfolk

Just 2 doses of Skin Combo was all it took for both my dogs to get immediate relief from all their itching and scratching. Thank you so much

Calmed the skin down


Phew, this calmed the skin down, stopped our Daisy constant scratching. Thank you too for all the help and advice over the phone.
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