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Ditch the Itch Homeopathy for Dogs with Grass or Pollen Allergies

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Ditch the Itch

Ditch the Itch and Skin Combo


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Homeopathy for Dogs with Allergies/Dog Itchy Skin/Seasonal Allergies Dogs

Ditch the Itch contains a mixture of grasses, grass pollens and house dust mite to offer help if the dog is sensitive to any one or all of these common allergens. Usually given as one pill three times daily initially and then reducing down to the minimum your dog needs to help keep it itch free.   200+ pills supplied in recyclable cardboard box.


Ditch the Itch and Skin Combo


We recommend using Ditch the Itch in combination with our homeopathic Skin Combo. Skin Combo will help to soothe and alleviate itchy, sore skin. Whilst the Ditch the Itch will desensitise your dog to grass and dust allergies, the Skin Combo will help to make your dog more comfortable while the Ditch the Itch is taking effect. Skin Combo is a very useful homeopathic remedy that can be used to soothe skin that may be itchy for other reasons eg contact allergies, food allergies etc. 


Order Skin Combo with Ditch the Itch and pay only £10 for the Skin Combo (usual RRP £15.99).Total price for both products £25.99


Homeopathy is given to your dog by either popping a pill in his mouth or crushing the pill into a powder (easy to do if you put the pill between a sheet of clean folded paper) and adding to a drop of milk. Please note that homeopathy should not be given with food.  Pills do taste sweet and dogs will often take them as a treat. Handle as little as possible. 


Ditch the Itch


Give one tablet 3 times daily. Reduce as dog improves Contains 200 + pills.


Skin Combo


For very itchy dogs give one tablet every 2 hours and then gradually reduce to once daily until better. Pack contains 200+ pills.


Flea and Worm All in One
Flea and Worm All in One

Customer reviews

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Doing Well

Julie Large

Mabel seems to be doing well on the Ditch the Itch tablets. Her fur is starting to grow back and she is definitely doing less scratching. We also purchased the probiotic and this is massively helping with her 'bubbly' tummy and seems a much happier girl.

Chloe seems much more comfortable

I Martin

Ditch the Itch worked really fast on our pointer. She has seasonal allergies and we have tried all sorts of potions over the years. The tablets were easy to give and worked really quickly within a few days.

Really helped Woody


Started using Ditch the Itch on my dog Woody to help his itchy, red, weepy eyes. Every year he suffers with hayfever. Within 24 hours his eyes had massively cleared up and were white instead of red. His energy levels are so much better overnight. Highly recommend to anyone's dog that suffers from allergies.
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