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Raspberry Leaf Herbal Supplement 30ml

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Recommended by Doctors and Midwives for generations. Raspberry leaf has a particular affinity with the uterus, helping to strengthen the muscles of the uterus and pelvic area, also helping to prevent miscarriage. The Action of Raspberry Leaf is both relaxing and astringent. The relaxant properties help to relieve tension in the smooth muscle of the uterus, thus reducing the pain of contractions and make contractions more effectual. Used to encourage a safe, easy and speedy birth. Continued to be taken after the birth, Raspberry Leaf enhances milk production and helps the uterus contract and regain its elasticity.

Suggested daily amount

Small dogs           5-7 drops

Medium dogs       7-10 drops

Large dogs       10 -15 drops

Add drops to a teaspoon of cooled boiled water.  Add to food or directly into mouth 2 -3 times daily.

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