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Turn Back Thyme for the older dog

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Certain changes occur when your dogs get older - some of which we do not see or even appreciate! Their bodily functions will slow down and this may result in a number of medical problems. For instance, difficulty after a walk or exercise in getting up; kidney problems, liver problems, skin problems and so on..

 Turn Back Thyme! is produced with the "older dog” in mind. Turn Back Thyme! contains herbs for all round health but with particular benefits such as:
Blackcurrant & Thyme:  Respiratory and Digestive support
Rosehips: Good, natural source of Vitamin C
Mint:  Aids digestion
Milk Thistle:  Keep the liver healthy
Dandelion:  Urinary tract and kidney health
Chilli Powder:  An all rounder but especially the heart and blood vessels as well as the stomach and digestion.
A daily dose of the mix should be added to your dog's dinner - either once a day or split into two.

  250g foil pouch.   Made in UK


11 and 12 year old puppies
Ann B

Turn Back Thyme is amazing. My 2 oldies who were plodding along have re-discovered their puppy hood!


I got this for my two older boys aged 10 and 14. The 10yr old is particularly fussy with food, so I was apprehensive about adding herbs - I should not have worries - he loves them and has really found a new spring in his step. Very pleased.

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