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Turn Back Thyme for the older dog

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Certain changes occur when your dogs get older - some of which we do not see or even appreciate! Their bodily functions will slow down and this may result in a number of medical problems. For instance, difficulty after a walk or exercise in getting up; kidney problems, liver problems, skin problems and so on..


  250g foil pouch.   Made in UK


Turn Back Thyme! contains herbs for all round health but with particular benefits such as:

Blackcurrant & Thyme:  Respiratory and Digestive support

Rosehips: Good, natural source of Vitamin C

Mint:  Aids digestion

Milk Thistle:  Keep the liver healthy

Dandelion:  Urinary tract and kidney health

Chilli Powder:  An all rounder but especially the heart and blood vessels as well as the stomach and digestion.

Suggested daily amount

Small dogs up to 10 kg   1/2   teaspoon

Medium 10 - 20 kgs          1  teaspoon

Large 20 - 30 kgs             1 - 2 teaspoons

Giant 30kgs +                   2 -3 teaspoons



Got the Turn Back Thyme herbs from you and my old collie is like a new woman..well perkier anyway. I have noticed a positive change in her.

11 and 12 year old puppies
Ann B

Turn Back Thyme is amazing. My 2 oldies who were plodding along have re-discovered their puppy hood!


I got this for my two older boys aged 10 and 14. The 10yr old is particularly fussy with food, so I was apprehensive about adding herbs - I should not have worries - he loves them and has really found a new spring in his step. Very pleased.

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