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If you have ever seen a dog sit and drag or 'scoot' its rear end across the ground you may have thought it funny.  However it is no laughing matter for the dog and is a classic sign of a possible anal gland problem.


Our latest herbal offering 'Ring 0' Fire! has been specifically mixed for dogs that scoot.Simply sprinkle this highly palatable mix over your dog's dinner - ideally drizzling a drop of water over dry kibble first.


Most herbs generally take time to act within the system and every dog is different so please allow a few days for  the dog to feel the benefit.   Comes in 250g resealable pack



Echinacea, Liquorice Root, Fennel, Pumpkin Seeds, Psyllium Seeds


Small dogs up to 10 kg   1/2   teaspoon


Medium 10 - 20 kgs          1  teaspoon


Large 20 - 30 kgs             1 - 2 teaspoons


Giant 30kgs +                   2 -3 teaspoons

Flea and Worm All in One
Flea and Worm All in One

Customer reviews

I am sure we will be back

S Boughton

I recently bought Ring O Fire for Monty's anal gland problems and his stools are much firmer now. Also he enjoys the herbs. I also bought the fish treats which he loves. I used to have 5 cavaliers and over the years have found your advice very helpful. Now I just have Monty so don't buy so much but I am sure we will back for more fish treats.

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