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Probiotic for Dogs/Probiotic Dog Supplement/Gut Health/Digestive


An all natural GLUTEN FREE prebiotic and probiotic digestive supplement for dogs. Supports healthy guts and digestive enzymes. This probiotic is of the highest quality and as its name suggests is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way! In fact a 100g tub would last a medium sized dog 6-8 weeks. 


Used daily it can help help prevent flatulence, dietary looseness, colitis, torsion & bloat, and help reduce halitosis (bad breath). It also stabilises stomach acidity, and stimulates the immune system which helps to fight infections. By restoring the balance of bacteria levels, seasonal allergies may also be reduced.


Also helps improve the uptake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, which can result in improved general health, skin and coat condition.


Animals can’t tell us if they are feeling out of sorts, a bit bloated, or suffering from stomach pain. These symptoms can result in our pets becoming reluctant to eat, as they associate eating with the resulting discomfort. Probiotic Concentrate is designed to help regulate gut activity, helping to ensure that all of the elements in the digestive process are in tip top condition, all the way from top to ‘bottom’. This should keep your pet's insides healthy resulting in a dog or cat in the best possible condition.




Probiotic Concentrate is a blend of chicory inulin prebiotic, and SC1-1077 live yeast probotic. The live yeast acts as a barrier against harmful gut bacteria.


Small dogs and cats 1/2 - 1 scoop daily

Medium dogs  1 - 2 scoops daily

Large breeds 2 - 3 scoops daily    
Scoop included .5 ml

Flea and Worm All in One
Flea and Worm All in One

Customer reviews

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Does Exactly What it Says

B Owens

The product i received has done exactly what it says. I am so pleased with it as my dog has improved and is no longer being sick. We were so worried but since being on the powder he is now enjoying his food again. Thank you so much Barbara

So pleased

Sarah Smith

I am so pleased to have found Canine Natural Cures. After several trips to the vets for my Shih Tzu and his ongoing joint problems, I decided to do a search for a more natural approach - the lovely ladies at CHC were so knowledgeable and patient and recommended exactly what I needed. Teddy has been taking the Spring tonic supplement and Glucosamine Ultimate as part of his daily regime now, and we are delighted to say that we have had no recurring problems - so pleased!! We have also recently bought the Probiotic concentrate with much success too! So reassuring to have a natural and holistic canine company out there, who really cares about their products and customers. Thank you again

Cant believe the difference


Bought this for my lab who was suffering from itchy skin. Used in combination with Canine Natural's Ditch the Itch homeopathic remedy. Ada is so much better and her coat looks amazing. Thanks

Digestive Problems Improved


I bought Probiotic concentrate for my Staffy Bramble as he has digestive problems. Been using it a week and see a huge difference in him. I also purchased Green lipped mussel which i will be using shortly. Bramble absolutely luvs the Hemp biscuits. Excellent service and advice. Thank you all and definately recommend your products.

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