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Anal Gland Support for Dog Scooting Homeopathy

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Try using with PetCol Anal Gland Supplement

Homeopathic Anal Gland Support

Homeopathic Anal Gland Support & PetCol



For your dog's blocked anal glands and dogs that scoot


Reduce the discomfort of your dog's blocked anal glands and stop them scooting. Reach for our  homeopathic Anal Gland Support when your dog is scooting and make him/her feel more comfortable. If your dog is scooting across the floor or frequently licking their bottom it may be a sign that your dog's anal glands are blocked.  This homeopathic remedy has been specially formulated to ease discomfort. 


If your dog suffers frequently from blocked anal glands then keep this remedy handy. Pack contains approx 200 pills and can be given hourly to reduce symptoms. 


In addition to our homeopathic remedy we also strongly suggest that you try using PetCol Anal Gland Supplement which can be purchased alongside our homeopathic remedy. Use PetCol on a daily basis to prevent blocked anal glands occuring in the first place. Containing psyllium seeds, PetCol Anal Gland supplement is a dried herbal mix that is added to dog food. 


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Homeopathic Anal Gland Support contains a combination of Calc carb, Hepar sulph, Silicea and Causticum.   200+ pills


PetCol contains Psyllium seed powder, Frutafit HD Chicory Inulin, Eurocell RM10 Live Yeast 

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