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Glucosamine Plus 5000 

Glucosamine Plus 5000 £ 13.50 In stock

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Helps maintain healthy joints, flexibility of cartilage and strength of tendons. Provides building blocks for healthy tendons, cartilage and joints in dogs of all ages.This is a natural product and does not have side effects and is highly digestible. Includes three proven ingredients to utilise the healing hands of nature.

  • Glucosamine Sulphate - smallest molecule absorbable size
  • MSM - organic sulphate to maintain healing after damage and act as a natural anti inflammatory.
  • Vitamin C - to promote tissue healing and Glucose.

Usage rate: Large breeds need 2.5ml level measure mixed with food for at least 3 weeks. Small breeds half a 2.5ml measure Maintenance rate is half the above amounts.    300g pack

Each 2.5ml measure includes:

  • 400 mgm Glucosamine
  • 132 mgm MSM
  • 40 mgm Vitamin C

Made in the UK.

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