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Scratch, Herbal Remedy to Relieve and Prevent Fleas in Dogs

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Herbal tincture to repel fleas and ticks


A combination of essential oils and tinctures in a base oil to prevent the discomfort of fleas and ticks. Can be used neat or diluted.


Insects hate the smell of these oils.


Base Oil: Neem and Grapeseed: Neem is a traditional Indian remedy for lice, fleas and scabies.


Tincture: Quassia (Picrasma excelsa): Noted insect repellent. Used as a skin wash for fleas, scabies and other parasites.


Essential oil blend: Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Sage, Lavender. Insects hate the smell of these oils.


External Use Only.. 2-5 drops directly onto collar, or add 5 drops to 20ml of olive oil, soak collar overnight in mixture– refresh weekly.


Add 30 drops of Scatch to 100ml water, use in spray to treat pet bedding  or using a cotton wool ball wipe around the legs and  head, avoiding the eyes,  before a walk as a great tick deterrent.    Add 20-30 drops of Scratch to 200ml of pet shampoo.  

Flea and Worm All in One
Flea and Worm All in One

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