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Barrier Natural Flea and Tick Spray is a 100% natural insect repellent to help protect against fleas and ticks. Tough enough to repel all blood sucking pests, the spray is also gentle enough to be applied to all dogs, including smaller breeds and puppies over 3 months old.
This is a strong formulation made using non-toxic, highly effective plant extracts and approved under The Control of Pesticides Regulation 1988 . HSE no 8711.  Made in the UK   400 ml  trigger spray bottle


Flea & Tick Spray contains only pure Essential Oils and Herbal Concenrates. DO NOT APPLY TO CATS BECAUSE THEY WILL AUTOMATICALLY LICK THE PRODUCT FROM THEIR COAT.   We think it smells pleasantly of cloves!

Cittiodiol 1/5% W/W   Contains Citral. May produce an allergic reaction

Suggested daily amount
Suggested daily amount

Spray sparingly especially to small breeds and brush coat. Avoid eyes and nasal/mouth area.

Fleas: Fleas are the most common parasite found on Dogs.

Ticks: Ticks tend to be more of a problem in woods and forests. To help avoid Tick infestation, apply to the dog's legs just prior to walking.


Customer reviews

Tick magnet no longer


I walk daily in woods where there are loads of deer and their ticks and my dog seemed to be a tick magnet - after every walk I would find at least 2 ticks on her. But no longer! I use this Barrier spray to give her a quick spritz on her legs, chest, top of her head and back just before we go out each morning and she hasn't picked up a single tick since! I am delighted, thank you.
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