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Calm your Dog during Fireworks


Fireworks Special: To calm a dog during fireworks 

Fireworks Special: To calm a dog during fireworks £ 20.00 In stock

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How to Calm A Dog During Fireworks
For dogs that are particularly sound sensitive to fireworks, thunder or other sounds our Fireworks Special includes a bottle of liquid herbal  CALM XTRA and homeopathic NOISE REMEDY tablets.
We have been selling NOISE REMEDY for over 25 years and it was one of the first natural calming products specifically for noise sensitivity in dogs. It was featured by Beverley Cuddy in the Mail on Sunday many years ago.
The combination of NOISE REMEDY and CALM XTRA can be used on an 'as needed' basis if there is an unexpected firework display or a sudden thunderstorm or can be used on a daily basis if necessary.  Ideal for use during the peak firework season of mid October through to mid November.  Your dog will not be drowsy, just much better able to cope. 

These 2 items if purchased separately would cost £23.00 so Fireworks Special gives a £3.00 saving!
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Dog Calming Products Reviews

Tina Lorne
Early days but appears to be working.

John Hickley
My dog didn't especially like the drops but was ok when I put them on a treat. However, the proof was in the pudding. Much more chilled and relaxed.
Sceptical but it worked
Mandy Offaly
I was ready to give up with calmers but this has really done the trick. Very happy.

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