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Show White Paste to whiten fur

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Show White Paste

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Show White Paste to Whiten Dog's Fur


Show White Paste is a non chalk super white paste. Highly acclaimed in the show world for its extra white appearance and ability to adhere to the coat. Apply lightly with a cloth. Allow to dry and brush out excess. Safe for sensitive skins. Whitens tear, grass and urine stains. Made in UK. 100g.


Show white paste will temporarily whiten fur. For dogs that suffer from tear staining (reddish brown marks underneath the eyes) then we suggest purchasing our Eye Bundle. The Eye Bundle contains all you need to prevent tear staining. It includes:


Eye Bundle Contents


Clearz Tearz 50ml: Herbal tincture containing alfalfa, aloe vera, kelp, nettle, parsley, myrrh and garlic. Add to food daily  to prevent tear staining.


Colloidal Silver 100ml: Colloidal Silver is a natural cleanser and healer. Many of our customers have told us that regular wiping of their dog's eyes with colloidal silver stops tear staining occuring. Colloidal silver has a multitude of uses. It can also be used to clean minor wounds and cuts, soothes itchy skin. It is anti-viral and anti-bacterial.


100g Show White Paste - your eye bundle also includes a 100g tub of show white paste. 


Purchase an eye bundle and pay only £24.99 instead of £29.97 if you were to purchase the items included separately. 


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