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Eye Bundle: Tear Stain Solution 

Eye Bundle: Tear Stain Solution £ 25.00 In stock

25+ in stock


The ultimate eye-care purchase. This bundle contains everything you need for bright, clear, healthy eyes. Buy all three products and receive 10% discount. Offer includes: Clearz Tearz 50ml , Show White Paste100g and Colloidal Silver 100ml. Buy all three separately for £29.97. Offer price £25.

Clearz Tearz: A safe, herbal solution to unsightly tear staining. Clearz Tearz deals naturally with the problem from the inside out. Click here for more information.

Show White Paste: A non chalk super white paste. Highly acclaimed in the show world for its extra white appearance and ability to adhere to the coat. Click here for more information.

Colloidal Silver: Can be used on the eyes and all over the body. Cleans eyes and ears safely, soothes skin conditions, cleans wounds thoroughly. Ideal in every first aid kit. Click here for further information.

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