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Green Peez dog urine grass burn patch prevention 100ml.

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Dog Urine Killing Grass?

Try our all natural Green Peez herbal remedy to stop dog urine killing your grass and repair your lawn. One 100ml bottle will last a medium dog approx 6 months so fantastic value for money.

Dog Urine Grass Repair

Use Green Peez herbal remedy on your dog's food on a daily basis to prevent brown patches on the grass caused by dog urine. Contains a unique blend of herbs.

Green Peez is a totally safe, natural solution to lawn burn caused by dog urine. Simply add to dog food on a daily basis. Depending on the time of year, you will notice an improvement in your lawn in approx 3 weeks. As an added bonus, the herbs used in Green Peez are all known to contribute to a healthy urinary tract. We love Green Peez because it is 100% natural and unlike other products on the market, it will not alter the PH balance of your dog's urine. Please note that Green Peez will only prevent further brown patches appearing, it cannot restore grass that is already dead.

Fantastic Alternative to Dog Rocks

Many of our customers have tried Dog Rocks to stop dog urine spots on the lawn. Unlike Dog Rocks which are placed in the dog's water bowl, Green Peez is added to food. Using Green Peez on your dog's food daily you can be certain that your dog is receiving his/her full daily dose every day. 
Neutralise Dog Urine on Grass

Safe and does not alter the PH of your dog's urine. A 100ml bottle will last a medium sized dog approx 6 months. 

The current expiry date on our bottles of Green Peez is 2023

Ingredients: Pure herbal tinctures of Burdock Root, Celery Seed, Golden Rod, Dandelion and Yucca.

Suggested daily amount for dogs and puppies over 3 months: 

Dogs  under 10 kg 5 - 7 drops

Dogs 10 - 24 kg  7 - 10 drops

Dogs  25 kg +  10 - 15 drops

Read our article on preventing lawn burn caused by dog urine.






Mr P P

We have tried other preparations and Green Peez is the only one that works. My lawn is a different colour now.


Have been giving to our dogs for some time and have found Green Peez to actually do the job. Happy with results.

Mrs Bridges

Works wonderfully!


Hi there I have been using wonderful Green Peez for some time for my adult dogs and have a magnificent lawn as a result!

Colin Eric Fuller

This is my second purchase so it must do what it says .... Doesn't seem to have any ill effects on the dog and no more patches on the lawn


Brilliant stuff my dog has been on this for a short will and I'm not seeing any new patches on my lawn, highly recommend,first product I've found that has worked xx


An excellent product which does exactly what it says on the pack

S Wolfenden

I was quite sceptial after trying various other remedies that hadn't worked at all but as I had new grass being laid I wanted to try to see if I had any better luck this time. We started this about 4 weeks before the new grass went down and its now been down about 8 weeks and there are no patches.......not even one. Yay! My Cockerpoo has happily eaten her food, as she always does, so it must taste ok. Brown patches in grass are one of the topics in the park and I will be recommending this to anyone that has the same problem.

Andrew T

I tried this preparation in desperation and must admit I was rather sceptical about possible effectiveness. What a revelation!! As you can imagine with three female dogs our rather small lawn resembled the surface of the moon. After giving the girls Green Peez throughout the winter the lawn is now all green, except for one brown patch where the female husky from next door peed on it! Absolutely delighted.

Peter O-E., Surrey

'Having tried the costly and ineffective Australian dog rocks, we have been hugely impressed with Green Peez. Delighted to once again have a lawn without the crazy paving effect of the yellow stains/dead grass.'

Carolyn B . Staffs

'I am very pleased with Green Peez. Charlie was one last August and he was causing dreadful yellow patches on my lawn.. Since using Green Peez my lawn has begun to look so much better. Thank you’

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