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Green Peez 100ml: Dog urine grass repair. Neutralise dog urine grass.

Dog Urine Grass » » Green Peez 100ml: Dog urine grass repair. Neutralise dog urine grass.

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Neutralise Dog Urine on Your Grass


Dog urine spots on grass are so frustrating. But now there is a way to neutralise them and repair burnt grass caused by dog urine.


Repair Burnt Patches from Dog Urine:


Green Peez is a 100% natural dog urine remedy which is added to dog food on a daily basis. Green Peez will neutralise dog urine burn on your grass to stop yellow spots on grass caused by dog urine and to repair your lawn.  One 100ml bottle of Green Peez dog urine will last a medium dog approx 6 month so it's fantastic value for money!


Stop Dog Urine Spots on Grass


Add a few drops of Green Peez to one of your  dog's daily meals. The dog  remedy comes in a bottle with a dropper so that you can measure your dog's daily dose easily. Green Peez contains a unique blend of herbs including tinctures of burdock root, celery seed, golden rod, dandelion and yucca


Does Green Peez Work?


Yes it works and what's more Green Peez is a totally safe, natural way to neutralise  lawn burn caused by dog wee. Depending on the time of year, you will notice an improvement in your lawn burn in approx 3 weeks. As an added bonus, the herbs used in Green Peez are all known to contribute to a healthy urinary tract.


We love Green Peez because it is 100% natural and unlike other products on the market it will not alter the PH balance of your dog's urine. Please note that Green Peez will only prevent further brown patches appearing. It cannot restore grass that is already dead from urine burns.


Find out More about Dog Urine Grass Repair. Read our article on preventing lawn burn caused by dog urine.


Read the Reviews Below About Green Peez dog urine grass repair below. 


What's Inside our Dog Urine Grass Repair Formula?


Includes pure herbal tinctures of burdock root, celery seed, golden rod, dandelion and yucca.


This potent combination of herbs will help to stop dog urine killing grass and prevent those urine spots. 


Suggested daily amount for dogs and puppies over 3 months:


Dogs under 10kg 5-7 drops

Dogs 10-24kg 7-10 drops

Dogs 25kg + 10-15 drops


Green Peez cannot bring dead grass back to life but depending on the the time of year you should notice a difference in you lawn within a few weeks. Always add to food not to water to neutralise dog urine spots. 

Flea and Worm All in One
Flea and Worm All in One

Very pleased

I have a miniature schnauzer aged 10 called Jemima.I have had her for 6 years .Before using your product Green Peez my lawn was a disaster so many brown patches or dead grass.Before this prolonged drought my grass was very green and free of the bad patches.I would recommend Green Peez in fact I have recently bought another supply.I wish you every success with this product which is so easy to use.
Ada Wurr

Pee Marks Gone

Brilliant stuff my dog has been on this for a short will and I'm not seeing any new patches on my lawn, highly recommend,first product I've found that has worked xx

Grass repaired 

This is my second purchase so it must do what it says .... Doesn't seem to have any ill effects on the dog and no more patches on the lawn
Colin Eric Fuller

No more burnt grass

Having tried the costly and ineffective Australian dog rocks, we have been hugely impressed with Green Peez. Delighted to once again have a lawn without the crazy paving effect of the yellow stains/dead grass.
Peter O-E

Green lawn

I am very pleased with Green Peez. Charlie was one last August and he was causing dreadful yellow patches on my lawn.. Since using Green Peez my lawn has begun to look so much better. Thank you
Carolyn B . Staffs

It's working


We have had Green Peez and at the moment it seems to be working, so have ordered some more.

Fast delivery too,Thank you 

More Reviews
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Add Green Peez to your dog's food NOT water. Encourage your dog to drink plenty of water and consider training them to urinate in a designated part of your garden. 
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Count the brown spots on your grass. Make a note of the number of burn spots for your records and watch your grass grow as Green Peez starts to prevent new brown spots appearing. 
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After 3-4 weeks of using Green Peez you should notice no new burn spots on the lawn. Green Peez won't get rid of existing brown spots. These are dead grass and you will need to sow new grass seed eventually. 
What causes grass burn from dog urine?
Ammonia and nitrogen in your dog's urine is the cause of yellow spots on the lawn. Green Peez dog urine helps to bind the ammonia and nitrogen in your dog's urine to prevent patches on the grass. 
How else can I stop my dog's urine burning the lawn?
Watering your lawn regularly will help to wash away the urine. Some very keen gardeners have been known to follow their dog around the garden with a watering can! Make sure your dog has enough to drink and has a high quality diet. 
Why do female dogs do more damage than males?
Bitches tend to squat when they urinate as opposed to male dogs who cock their leg and spray. Hence female urine is more likely to burn grass. However Green Peez will work equally well on both male and female dogs. 
Dog Urine Grass Repair Information 
When dogs urinate on grass it can cause a frustrating brown patch. Green Peez is a natural formula to prevent brown patches on the lawn caused by dog urine. 
About Green Peez Dog Urine Grass Repair
Green Peez is made in the UK and contains natural ingredients to support your dog's urinary tract. 
Find out More about Dog Urine Grass Repair
Got further questions? Call us on 01883 653372 for further information. 

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