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  • Ideal for all dogs
  • Super-absorbent, it reduces grooming time by up to 60%
  • Easidri is re-usable, machine washable and can be disinfected for extra protection to eliminate odours
  • It is tough and durable and resists tearing and shredding
  • 68cm x 43cm

The grooming towel that thinks it's a sponge! Easidri is a very absorbent pet grooming towel that dries wet dogs, cats and small pets easily and quickly - so quickly, that tests show reductions over normal grooming times by up to 60%.

Easidri is the ideal product for all pet owners. Due to the super absorbency it will remove dirt and soak up excess water from your pet's coat, leaving it clean and dry enough for the car or the home. Easidri can be used time and time again, it can be disinfected for extra protection, is machine washable - and when your finished with it you don't even need to dry it - how handy is that?

Perfect for all year-round use, Easidri is stored damp in its own re-usable container. Easidri medium 68cm x 43cm is perfect for dogs. The Easidri towel is a biodegradable product.  We have been using the same one for years, just a quick rinse out after use and store it in its own plastic container ready for next time.  This size easily copes with drying off a Labrador, a Pointer and a hairy Collie! 


Before use, wash towel in warm soapy water. Rinse in clean water and wring out well-always use the towel when slightly damp. Whilst using, wring out as necessary. After use, rinse in clean water (use detergent if necessary), wring out and store damp in the original container.

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Suggested daily amount
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