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Spray on Plaster for Dogs

This spray on plaster protects minor wounds and grazes from water, dirt and bacteria. Forming a silver aluminium film over the wound, the spray provides bandage like protection thereby reducing the risk of infection and aiding the natural healing process. The film remains elastic and permeable to air. Excellent adhesive properties too. This is a very simple plaster to apply and lasts for several days.

Suggested daily amount

Clean and dry area to be sprayed. Spray area and leave to dry. Repeat as needed. Silver Spray forms a close and anti-humidity metal film, that keeps elastic and breathable. Shake well before use until the inside steel ball has completely twirled the components. Spray from a distance of 10 -20 cm on the clean and dry area until a fine metal protective film is visible.



Easy to use and seems pretty waterproof too.

J Deal

Sprayed this on a small bite that my dog had got. It worked really well. Sealed the cut over and she wasn't able to lick at it. I have used it on a horse too.

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