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First Aid Spray

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First Aid Spray for Dogs

An essential for animal first aid kits. This First Aid Spray aids natural healing and disinfects minor wounds, cuts, abrasions and skin irritations. Sting free and and PH neutral. Non irritant. Tested to EN1276, EN1650 and EN14476.


ALABAMA ROT: There has been a lot of press recently regarding the deadly killer, Alabama Rot. The cause of Alabama Rot is not yet known but vets are urging dog owners to wash mud off pets after a walk.  Not a lot is known about Alabam Rot but if you see unexplained sores on your dog's legs or face please get them checked by a vet. Alabama Rot ultimately causes fatal kidney failure. Our First Aid Spray  is recommended to spray on paws and legs after a walk in areas where there have been outbreaks of the deadly Alabama Rot. Want to know more about Alabama Rot? Read our blog.


A mixture of quartenary ammonium compounds together with an EC Registered chelating agent comprising less than 1% by volume. No individual active ingredient exceeds 0.1% by volume.

Suggested daily amount

To disinfect cuts and wounds and keep infection free. Use on any skin irritation caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses.

Spray on area as needed.


F Frocker

Easy to use. Seems to do the trick.

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