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Cranimals Original Cranberries for dogs 

Cranimals Original Cranberries for dogs £ 16.99 In stock

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Cranimals Original is made from certified organic cranberries in Canada.
Suitable for dogs and cats.

Cranberries are traditionally used to support the urinary tract. Cranberries contain:

  • Proanthocyanidins (PAC's) which may inhibit bacteria  
  • PAC's may also support dental health by discouraging the growth of plaque on teeth and gums.
  • Anti-oxidants to neutralise free radicals

Simply mix with dry or wet food.

  •  Small dogs or cats - 1 teaspoon/day
  •  Dogs > 25kg - 2 teaspoons/day
  •  Dogs > 50kg - 2.5 teaspoons/day

If your pet has been ‘leaking’ their fur and bedding may smell. Try Odagon to get rid of the unpleasant odour. Also PowAir Penetrator Spray air freshener.

it works
Jane C
Just a quick update to say how pleased I am at the difference in my old collie after giving him the daily amount of Cranimals over the past month; it has made a huge difference.

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