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Copper Infused Blanket for Joint Support in Dogs 

Copper Infused Blanket for Joint Support in Dogs £ 33.99 In stock

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Infused with 25% copper fibre, this super-soft, thermo-regulating fleecy blanket provides extra warmth and comfort and is perfect for your pets or even as a throw for you!  Copper has long been associated with aiding movement so just sleeping on a copper infused blanket may be of benefit for dogs needing joint support.

The copper in this fleece blanket is anti-microbial so will also help to deter fleas and mites as well as giving protection against bacterial, fungal, viral and other allergens.   Additonally the copper content is anti - odour so the blanket requires less washing than other dog blankets and helps to reduce those doggy smells. The copper blanket is fully machine washable and the copper fabric maintains its health giving benefits after washing for the lifetime of the blanket.

The copper fleece blanket is a really good size 150 cm x 100 cm ( 59 inches x 39 inches approx)

Jane, Dorchester
My dog loves this blanket; he obviously finds it the most comfy one ever!

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