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Colloidal Silver for Dogs 1 litre

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Our Colloidal Silver for pets is made on site at our premises in Surrey. Freshly made at least once a  week, our  Colloidal Silver is pure .9999 fine silver suspended in pure distilled water at a rate of 3-5 ppm (parts per million). It is amongst the highest quality available on the Internet. Purchase in a range of sizes and in larger quantities for better value.  Our Colloidal Silver should be stored in the dark, away from strong sunlight and will stay fresh for 12 months after purchase. Also see our Colloidal Silver Premium which has 10ppm. 


There are no known negative side effects and it is so safe that it can be used to clean the eyes of new born puppies.


If you want to read more about the many and varied uses of Colloidal Silver for Dogs click here.


Make it part of your routine of washing down muddy legs and paws after a walk and then give them a quick spray with our Colloidal Silver Spray or wipe down with Colloidal Silver in areas where there have been outbreaks of the deadly Alabama Rot. Want to know more about Alabama Rot? Read our blog.


NB: We only send Colloidal Silver for Dogs to countries within the EU. Under UK law, it can only be offered for sale as a food suppplement and no claims can be made as to its effect.

  • Ideal for every first-aid kit, Colloidal Silver has a multitude of uses:
  • Dab or spray on cuts, wounds, spots, rashes and abrasions to soothe and aid healing.
  • Improve your dog’s oral health and reduce bad breath by adding a teaspoonful daily to their dinner bowl.
  • Clean and protect mucky ears with cotton wool soaked in colloidal silver but be careful not to go poking your finger or a cotton bud down the ear canal where you could cause damage. Only clean what you can see!
  • Clean gunky eyes with colloidal silver – it won’t sting! 
  • Add to dog shampoo to soothe any irritation.
  • Spray pet bedding and let dry. This will help kill persistent odours and bacteria.
  • If your dog has been exposed to another sick dog, say at the local park Kennel Cough is rife, then putting a teaspoonsful of colloidal silver for dogs over their dinner for a few days may help to protect them and ward off the bugs!


Suggested daily amount
Suggested daily amount

May be used externally or taken internally. One or two teaspoons per day for your dog either directly from a dropper into the mouth or over their food.  Alternatively use it directly on the skin to clean cuts, eyes and ears.


Customer reviews


My dog had pus between his toes and treatment from the vet, including 2 weeks of antibiotics hadn't cleared it up. 2 weeks of Colloidal Silver bathing it several times a day and giving it to him to drink a couple of times a day has improved it immeasurably. Just ordering some more to keep handy in case it's needed again.

C M Wales

Thank you very much. I received the bottle yesterday and made up a solution to bathe his ears and face. Already the angry redness has virtually disappeared and he looks much better. I am so grateful for all your help. I will be sure I always have some for my dog first aid kit from now on!
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