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Clearz Tearz Herbal Tear Stain Prevention for Dogs 

Clearz Tearz Herbal Tear Stain Prevention for Dogs £ 14.99 In stock


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Dog Tear Stains?

Clearz Tearz Dog Tear Stain Remover and Prevention

Preventing Tear Stains in Dogs

Tear staining refers to the red brown stains common underneath the eyes of pale and light coated breeds of dogs. Maltese, Westies, Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Poodles, and Schnauzers are among the many breeds that commonly suffer from tear staining. 

How can I remove tear stains from dog’s eyes?

Clearz Tearz is a safe,  herbal, natural product developed to prevent red staining underneath dogs’ eyes. Unsightly tear staining is common in  light coloured breeds which are often most prone to tear staining. Clearz Tearz deals naturally with the problem from the inside out.To prevent tear stains, simply add a few drops to your dog's dinner on a daily basis. Whilst an improvement should be noticed within a couple of weeks, full results may take between 5-7 weeks to become  apparent as the stained fur will need to grow out. Stained fur can be carefully trimmed away.

Sold in 50ml bottles, Clearz Tearz will last a small dog approx 200 days. Clearz Tearz is the only herbal tear stain prevention supplement to be made in the UK. A range of factors may cause tear staining including genes, a blocked or inflamed tear duct, excessive tear production, diet or even the water consumed. Constant dampness below the eyes can lead to a red yeast infection and sometimes dogs with shallow eye sockets are more prone.  Bacteria, interacting with this fungal colony can cause pigment to form. This pigment results in the familiar unsightly red or brown dog tear stains. Feeding a high quality dog food can also assist. Clearz Tearz has been specially formulated to help solve this problem and promises to help keep eyes looking bright and sparkling. To whiten fur instantly, while you wait for Clearz Tearz to work from the inside out,  try SHOW WHITE PASTE  or TEAR STAIN TOPICAL REMOVER or MIRACLE FACE SCRUB & NATURAL TEAR STAIN TREATMENT

Ingredients: Alfalfa, Aloe Vera, Kelp, Nettle, Parsley, Myrrh and Garlic.

Eye Bundle: Order Clearz Tearz, Show White Paste and 100ml Colloidal Silver and spend £25 instead of £29.97

Multi-buy offer: Order 3 bottles of Clearz Tearz and receive a 10% discount.  The current expiry date on our bottles of Clearz Tearz is 2022

NEWS UPDATE: Clearz Tearz was voted Best Value Tear Stain Prevention Remedy in the July 2017 BEST REVIEWS GUIDE.

To find out more about how to remove tear stains from your dog click here to read our blog.


Absolutely wonderful
Mrs D. Carpenter
My little Cavachon looks like a Bichon and everyone comments on her wonderful bright eyes. Clearz Tearz is absolutely wonderful.
worked on a cat!
I gave Clearz Tearz to my white cat having previously tried Angels Eyes. Angels Eyes didn't work but I am delighted to report that Clearz Tearz cleared up the problem within a few weeks. More please!
Great Stuff

Does what it says on the tin and fast results too!

It takes time as you have to put it in food. I am keeping a watch on it.
Fantastic product. Finally found something that works.

Jessie had been suffering from brown marks under the eyes for ages. They werent bothering her but I started using Clearz Tearz and saw great results within a few weeks. Won't be without this product now.
Not an overnight success but it works

Giving this four stars as it worked but it took several weeks. Don't expect overnight miracles.
5 star review
I have used your product, Clearz Tearz, for one month and it does indeed work

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