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Catandog's disc 

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The CatanDog's disc is aluminium charged with electromagnetic and scale waves to repelparasites. It is therefore safe to use on dogs and cats of any age or weight including sick,convalescent & pregnant dogs & cats, even micro-chipped ones! There is no need to wash your own hands after touching it or to stop children playing with their pet as it contains no nasties and is completely odourless.CatanDog's disc is effective for up to two years. When compared to the cost of other flea repellents over the same time period, it is considerably cheaper.

  • Safe - chemical free and safe to use on dogs and cats of any age.
  • Effective  - Proven to be 95% effective in extensive scientific study.
  • Practical -  water resistant and small  enough (2.5cm diameter) for dogs and cats
  • Value - Excellent value for money when worn over its lifetime of 2 years  
  • Worn 24/7 for full effectiveness.

Ideally bathe your pet before attaching the CatanDog's disc to their collar. Be aware that your home almost certainly has fleas in it - read 'Farewell to Fleas' to help you deal with them.

Also your pet probably needs worming, why not try Wormwood Complex?  

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