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Bute Free for Dogs: Alleviates Joints 250ml 

Bute Free for Dogs: Alleviates Joints 250ml £ 10.50 In stock

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A superior formula of three natural ingredients to help alleviate old and hardworking joints, tendons and muscles.
Contains Devils Claw,  MSM and Yucca fillamentosa in a proven scientific blend to help maintain healthy supple joints without side effects.

Usage rate:  Large dogs 10ml daily. Small dogs 5ml daily.  Twice daily applications are permissible for one week

Thorougly mix into the food. Continuous use is acceptable.

Not recommended for pregnant bitches. Not Phenylbutazone.

Mrs M.R
Bute Free has worked better than I expected. My old girl was having to be lifted into the car, now she can put her front paws up and I just need to help her back end in. Saw the improvement after just a few days.

Mrs A.B
Monty's movement has improved so much since he started on Bute Free. Really pleased.

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