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Shop our range of dog supplements. Joint supplements for dogs, flea treatment for dogs, calming tablets for dogs, dog teeth cleaning and our dog urine grass spot prevention remedy, Green Peez plus much more. Handpicked natural products which you won't find on the High Street. Welcome to the home of natural health for dogs. 

Bogadent Dental Creme Toothpaste for Dogs 

Bogadent Dental Creme Toothpaste for Dogs £ 4.75 In stock

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Bogadent DENTAL CREME Mint is a new toothpaste with a mild mint flavour for dogs for the prevention of tartar and bad breath and good oral flora balance. Its innovative formula includes the enzyme GOD to prevent the formation of plaque and combat bad breath. For an optimum result, apply the toothpaste using our ERGO DUAL BRUSH toothbrush. Swallowing the toothpaste will not harm your dog.

Bogadent Dental Creme includes the sugar-splitting enzyme GOD, contains calcium-binding components to reduce  tartar buildup, with no fluoride or xylitol, it can be safely swallowed.



Poppy Piebald
The dogs love the stuff, no problems getting to brush their teeth

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