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<a href='/blog/dog-urine-ruining-your-grass'>DOG URINE RUINING YOUR GRASS?</a>


Aisling - 8 Jun 2017 08:00:00Full article...
    DOG URINE RUINING YOUR GRASS? READ OUR REVIEW OF DOG URINE GRASS PRODUCTS   'Green Peez herbal remedy transformed my lawn.' I’ve got a small garden and a medium sized dog. A few months ago, my garden was covered in brown marks caused by my dog peeing on the grass. This phenomena, known as lawn burn, is so frustrating – especially for those of us who are obsessed with their garden. If you are lucky enough to have a large garden ...
<a href='/blog/tear-staining-how-to-visibly-improve-this-condition'>TEAR STAINING - HOW TO 'VISIBLY' IMPROVE THIS CONDITION</a>
  'Reddish brown marks under the eyes of white coated breeds of dogs are unsightly. My  bichon frise Toby,  has suffered from these marks for many years. When the stains first appeared, I took Toby to the vet. My vet gave Toby a clean bill of health after a thorough examination and suggested that the tear stains were possibly genetic (in which case little could be done).' (Jane Millar owner of Toby) Jane's experience above is typical of many ...
<a href='/blog/your-dog-at-christmas-how-to-have-a-pawesome-christmas'>Your Dog at Christmas: How to Have a Pawesome Christmas!</a>
Read our hints and tips to make sure that a yappy Christmas doesn’t end with your furry friend in the dog-house.   1. Keep Your Dog Calm Christmas is a time when we all like to party but there are plenty of dogs who will find having lots of strangers in the house very stressful. Make sure you give them a quiet space to retreat to, whether it’s their crate or a safe space in a room away from the noise.    Ease their stress with a natural calmer. Try our ...
<a href='/blog/dealing-with-separation-anxiety'>DEALING WITH SEPARATION ANXIETY</a>


Aisling - 10 Jul 2018 09:00:00Full article...
Separation Anxiety in Dogs What do you do when you have a dog who cannot bear to be parted from you. A dog that follows you around the house, trails you to the toilet, dials 999 when you leave the house?! Well I am the proud owner of one of those. My German Shorthaired Pointer was a rescue and used to get exceptionally stressed when I left her alone – even for just a few minutes. Dog Separation Anxiety Symptoms I have several doors in my home as living evidence of my ...
<a href='/blog/to-bell-or-not-to-bell'>To Bell or Not to Bell</a>

To Bell or Not to Bell

Frances - 7 Jul 2017 14:00:00Full article...
Bells on cats – we’ve all heard of that idea.  Put a little bell on your cat’s collar and sneaking up on birds or other wildlife will be impossible and your cat’s kill rate will drop to zero.   But a bell on a dog’s collar?  What use can that possibly serve except to annoy you and the dog? Well a little bell, with a gentle tinkle as for a cat won’t be of value but if you have an elderly dog, prone to wandering off, hard of hearing and ...
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