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Dog Calming Products Reviews

Dog Calming Products Reviews

Aisling - 27 Sep 2018 13:00:00Other articles...


Dog Calming Products Reviews


Read our reviews of the best natural dog calming products below. All of our products have been tried and tested on our own dogs.


Calming Tablets for Dogs Scared of Fireworks

In the run-up to Fireworks Night, dog owners with noise sensitive or anxious dogs should start to use a natural dog calmer from mid October  right the way through to mid November to ensure maximum effect. The advantage of these natural calmers is they won’t leave your dog in a zombie like state as stronger solutions may do but they do help your dog to cope with their extreme stress. 


Fireworks Special includes two products: Homeopathic Noise Remedy (a 30 day course of tablets) and herbal liquid, Calm Xtra 30ml. The two products work together to calm noise sensitive dogs. We gave this combination of homeopathy and herbal tincture to our noise sensitive collie, Teddy. Teddy's owners live in the countryside and during the Autumn the sound of gun shot is a common occurence. Teddy will often run home while on a walk if she hears gun shot. Fireworks night is therefore very stressful for her and she will cower behind the sofa when she hears the bangs. Teddy's owners started giving Teddy one Noise Remedy tablet per day from mid-October. Since she is especially noise sensitive they also gave her a few drops of Calm Xtra on a treat once daily. On Fireworks Night itself or when her owners knew that a loud event was going to take place she was given an additional dose of Calm Xtra 30 minutes beforehand. Calm Xtra is perfect as it works really quickly - usually within 30 minutes. The improvement in Teddy was tremendous and she is much calmer and happier now - even when she hears gunshot on a walk. 


Our Fireworks Special costs £20 and includes a 30ml bottle of CalmXtra and a 4 week supply of Noise Remedy at a saving of £3.00 compared to when purchased separately.


We have been selling the homeopathic part of this fabulous combination for over 25 years. It was first featured in the Mail on Sunday by journalist Beverley Cuddy over 25 years ago. It is only available from Canine Natural Cures and was created by our founder, Frances Gavin, herself. 


CalmXtra is a herbal tincture. It contains herbal tinctures of: Valerian, Oat, Skullcap, Passionflower, Wild Lettuce and Jamaican Dogwood. We have many happy customers who buy this product regularly. I personally witnessed its effect when I gave it to a friend whose dog, Luna,  would cower every time a visitor came to the door. We gave CalmXtra to Luna 30 minutes before a visitor's arrival and the effect was remarkable. Luna remained curled up on her cushion when the visitor arrived. My friend was amazed by the change in her dog's behaviour.


Quiet Moments Calming Aid Chews

For dogs with stress, tension and/or separation anxiety we recommend Quiet Moments Calming Aid chews. The chews contain a unique blend of thiamine and L-tryptophan to help reduce stress, tension and separation anxiety. Thiamine, a vitamin B, affects the central nervous system of anxious animals, supporting calming and cognition. Also useful to calm a dog during fireworks.  L-tryptophan increases a brain chemical called serotonin and is known to promote a sense of well-being and calm in the brain. Ginger supports sensitive stomachs which is especially important when traveling.


We have our very own anxious German Shorthaired Pointer at home who suffers from extreme separation anxiety. Now 3 years old she used to get incredibly stressed when she was left alone even for the shortest periods. She would shake, howl and pace the house until we returned. However we have used these chews on her with impressive results. We give her 3 chews daily and she is definitely calmer and more relaxed. What's more, in spite of being a relative fussy eater she is more than happy to eat these tasty chews. The effect seems to be cumulative as it took about a week before we started to see the benefits. We videoed her improvement and nowadays she goes into her crate for a snooze when left home alone. No more scattered cushions and mess upon our return.  For a medium sized dog you will need to give approx 2-3 chews daily. They are great for thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, grooming and separation issues.  Active Ingredients include Brewers yeast, chamomile, passion flower and ginger.  Read customer reviews here . 


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