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Unwind: Calming Homeopathic Tablets for dogs that are over excited

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Calming Tablets for Dogs/Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Over Excited Dogs/Calms and Focuses Hyper Dogs 


Natural calming tablets for dogs with bags of energy who bark at everything in excitement and lack focus.  


Unwind Homeopathy will help your dog to focus on you when they are having a 'hyper' moment. This natural calmer will enable you to turn that energy into a positive outcome! Great for all dogs including show, working and pet dogs. It will help to improve their responsiveness to you without causing drowsiness.


We have been selling Unwind for over 25 years and have many customers who have used it to great success in the show ring and training. 


If you have a very hyperactive dog, one that seems to be always on the go, please also think about what you feed them; many commercial foods and treats contain colourings and/or sugars which can make your dog's behaviour worse.


Read our blog Feeding Dogs Nature's Way for more information


Also read our blog Natural Calmers that Work


Calming Tablets for Dogs/Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Over Excited Dogs/Calms and Focuses Hyper Dogs 


1 tablet daily.

if only using for events like shows then give daily for 2 or 3 days prior to the event and then on the day  give one tablet early morning and another 30 minutes or so before competing.

Flea and Worm All in One
Flea and Worm All in One

Customer reviews

Works so well


I just wanted to thank you so much for your amazing customer service and to say your Unwind product works so well for our English Bulldogs in keeping them calmer and more focused. Our male in particular has always shown fear/excitable behaviour around the oven! This had grown to be dangerous and we always had to exclude him from the kitchen during mealtimes. However after using Unwind he is a completely different dog and will now listen to us and sit patiently when the oven is in use without any reactions whatsoever! Amazing! Thank you so much.



We have two young,large dogs in our household - big puppies, you could say. Sometimes late in the evenings, they decide it's a good time to have another play time, which includes running around madly outside and barking into the darkness - one of them is an expert escape artist who knows how to open doors. Our neighbours are extremely tolerant, but I don't want to test this, so after they've been playing for about half an hour, and I want to go to bed,I give them each an Unwind tablet, and within 20 minutes they're lying down and relaxed again, even if I give the tablets when the dogs are super-hyper. It's amazing how well Unwind works - can't do without it!



My naughty pup was always so hyped up, especially on a walk, wouldn't listen to me, just a complete pain. Since I started giving him Unwind and took your advice about ditching some of the coloured treats I was giving him he's a different dog. So much more manageable and calm. Thanks

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