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For dogs that are particularly sound sensitive to fireworks, thunder or other sounds our Fireworks Special includes a bottle of liquid herbal  CALM XTRA and homeopathic NOISE REMEDY tablets. These two products work brilliantly together to help calm and relax dogs who are stressed by loud noises. We have tried all sorts of natural calmers over the years and have found that these two products, when used together are exceptionally effective. 


Calm Xtra is a herbal support for Noise Sensitivity, Separation Anxiety, Anxiety, Stress and Hyperactivity.

  • Fast acting, WORKS WITHIN 20mins.
  • Liquid Botanical Extract for ease of administration, no fighting to give tablets.
  • Concentrated, only requires a small drop amount.
  • Just add to food, drinking water or treat


Calm Xtra contains herbal tinctures of: Valerian, Oat, Skullcap, Passionflower, Wild Lettuce and Jamaican Dogwood in a 30ml bottle.  Use daily in the run-up to Fireworks Night and then top up with a few drops before a noisy event. Calm Xtra works fast and will be effective for most dogs within 30 minutes. 


NOISE REMEDY is sold as a 30 day course of homeopathic tablets. We have been selling homeopathic NOISE REMEDY for over 25 years and it was one of the first natural calming products specifically for noise sensitivity in dogs. It was featured by Beverley Cuddy in the Mail on Sunday many years ago and since then we have been selling it largely through word of mouth to our loyal customers who swear by it. Give to your dog 3 x daily in the run-up to Fireworks Night. Alternatively can be used every 30 minutes during a noisy event to keep your dog calm and relaxed. 

The combination of NOISE REMEDY and CALM XTRA can be used on an 'as needed' basis if there is an unexpected firework display or a sudden thunderstorm. However if your dog is very noise sensitive we do suggest that it is used on a daily basis. Your dog will not be drowsy, just much better able to cope. 


These 2 items if purchased separately would cost £23. Buy together for a great saving. 


Calm Xtra Ingredients

Valeriana, Scutellaria, Avena Sativa, Passiflora, Lactucca, Piscidia   30ml


Noise Remedy Tablets

1 x Noise Remedy tablet 3 times daily.  Can also be given 1 tablet every 30 minutes if there is a unexpected noisy occurrence, like a firework display or bird scarers. Pack contains 84 tablets.


Calm Xtra  30ml

Large dogs 15-25 drops

Medium dogs 10-5 drops

Small dogs 5-10 drops

Cats 3-5 drops

Give 2-3 times daily. Can also be used  20-30 minutes before a noisy/stressful event for an fast calming effect. Works within 30 minutes.

Flea and Worm All in One
Flea and Worm All in One

Customer reviews

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thanks fabulous


I purchased this package for my dog as she is really scared of fireworks. Every year she makes a mess and shakes when the local fireworks display is on. This year we decided to buy Fireworks Special after hearing about it on facebook. We phoned up and got amazing customer service and found out how to use the tablets and drops. The item arrived quickly and we could see the difference immediately. Fabulous.


So far so good

I bought these tablets with some sceptism having previously tried sprays, pills and the thunder shirt. So pleased that I did. We havent had the main fireworks yet but I can already tell that Buzz is less affected by loud noises. He used to hide when the binmen came. He is now a lot more chilled. Fingers crossed he is as good when the big night arrives.


Mandy Offaly

I was ready to give up with calmers but this has really done the trick. Very happy.


John Hickley

My dog didn't especially like the drops but was ok when I put them on a treat. However, the proof was in the pudding. Much more chilled and relaxed.

Seems good

Tina Lorne

Early days but appears to be working.

Improvement Already

C Looker

My lab is usually so chilled but he has developed a fear of loud noises ever since neighbours let off fireworks last year. Fast delivery from Canine Natural Cures and seeing an improvement already. I am sure he has been less jumpy.

Love it

Sheena Pickley

Love the homeopathy in this package. Worked fast.

So much calmer

M Duggan

My westie is so much calmer. Just had fireworks going off tonight locally and I gave her an extra tablet. Worked really well. I will keep dosing her in advance of the big night.

This works the best


dog wasnt too keen on the drops but took them when I put them on a treat. Worked fast though. I've tried other calmers bfore and this works the best.
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