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Calm Xtra Natural Calmer for Dogs

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Natural calmer that soothes and calms anxious dogs.

Perfect for stressed dogs, those that suffer separation anxiety and noise sensitive.

Liquid tincture contains herbal valerian, skullcap, passionflower, wild lettuce and jamaican dogwood.

Works within 20 minutes.

Easy to use. Simply add drops to food or a treat. Requires only a small drop. 

May have a mild sedative effect so if you are planning to show your dog this may not be the calmer you are looking for!

Often used in conjunction with a daily calmer such as Quiet Moments


Contains Herbal Tinctures of: Valerian, Oat, Skullcap, Passionflower, Wild Lettuce and Jamaican Dogwood.   30ml


Concentrated formula can be added to food, a treat or drinking water. 

Large Dogs 15 - 25 drops
Medium Dogs 10 - 15 drops
Small Dogs 5 -10 drops

Cats 3 - 5 drops
Give 2 -3 times daily or as needed  Can also be used  20-30 minutes before a noisy/stressful event for an fast calming effect. Works within 30 minutes.

Flea and Worm All in One
Flea and Worm All in One

Customer reviews

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Must be working


I use this occasionally when I have to leave Molly home alone. She always seems much more relaxed when I get back so I think it must be working

Sleepy time for one and not the other !


I have used this on both of vizlas. It makes one of them sleepy but not the other. How? I have no idea !!

Makes my dog calm and relaxed


My dog was very stressed going to the vet but after you recommended Calm Xtra to me, I just give her the drops 30 minutes before and she is calm and relaxed there.


Lola C

This product was recommended by a colleague. I have 2 dogs who are absolutely terrified of fireworks. We tried a plug-in pheromones product but it did absolutely nothing. Whilst we couldn’t get them outside with any noise of fireworks, in the house they are now far, far calmer. We use morning and night from mid October.

Worked well

Ann C

Worked well on my Springer Lucy.

Little bottle of magic


One of my dogs is stressy and a worrier. This definitely chills him out a bit. I've tried all sorts of calming potions and this is the best so far. He still is as mad as a hatter in the car but he is calmer in his reaction to the other dogs and not panicking so much when they get in his space. I put a few drops in with his food every teatime and may increase that when going in the car to see what happens. It's clearly his nature, just like some humans get anxiety so if I can help him to feel a bit better I'm happy. Certainly no drowsiness, just him but calmer!
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