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Barker & Barker Arctic Fish Tasty Topper 200g 

Barker & Barker Arctic Fish Tasty Topper 200g £ 9.95 In stock

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Ok so it's quite unusual for your dog to be off their food but it DOES happen! Certain breeds are more prone to being fussy eaters especially when trying them on a new food. Alternatively, if your dog is convalescing, feeling off colour or if you are adding something else to their food that they are not keen on, they might become reluctant eaters. This tasty topper is a great way to tempt them with either a raw food or kibble. Suitable to be added on a regular basis to any food, wet or dry.

Made from Arctic cod, kelp and brewers yeast. 100% natural ingredients. Fish sourced from Norway. Low in fat, salt and 100% natural.

Just sprinkle over dog food. Up to two teaspoons daily. Pot contains 200g, enough for lots of tasty dinners!

Made in the UK.

Jane, Oxford
This is the only thing that gets my fussy poodle to eat her food!

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