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Bogardent toothpaste


100g  £4.75    

Bogadent DENTAL CREME Mint is a new toothpaste with mint flavour for dogs. Its innovative formula includes the enzyme GOD to prevent the formation of plaque and combat bad breath. For an optimum result, apply the toothpaste using our ERGO DUAL BRUSH toothbrush. Swallowing the toothpaste will not harm your dog.

  •  With the sugar-splitting enzyme GOD

  • With calcium-binding components, reduces tartar buildup

  • With no fluoride or xylitol, it can be safely swallowed

  • Prevention of tartar and bad breath

  • For good oral flora balance

  • Subtle mint taste


 Keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy

Developed in Switzerland

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pack of MeatSnax Dental + worth £3.59

Bogadent hydro-gel


100ml  £9.99  


Bogadent HYDRO-GEL is  used immediately after tooth cleaning. Apply the antibacterial gel with your fingertips to the inside and outside of the teeth and along the edge of the gumline. The gel will inhibit bacterial growth and prevent buildup of plaque and tartar. The gel is safe to swallow.

  • With levulinic acid and anise acid as anti-bacterial complex to fight plaque
  • Prevention of tartar and bad breath
  • Moistens and soothes the mucous membranes
  • Subtle mint taste
  • No alcohol or preservatives

Buy any 2 oral care products and receive a free

pack of MeatSnax Dental + worth £3.59

Ergo dual toothbrush

TOOTHBRUSH - double headed


Plaque and tartar build up particularly around the molars can cause permanent damage to the gums and the supporting connective tissue. This toothbrush’s specific ergonomic and functional design enables teeth to be cleaned simply and effectively.

Use the large brush head for the outer surfaces and the smaller brush head for the inner surfaces.

  • To eliminate plaque, also in those hard-to-reach areas, particularly the back teeth (premolars, molars)
  • Non-slip grip area, flex zone to avoid applying too much pressure
  • Medium brush pressure, graded bristles for interdental spaces
  • Developed by veterinarians and dentists

Buy any 2 oral care products and receive a free

pack of MeatSnax Dental + worth £3.59

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