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As Spring approaches and the weather improves many of us will be turning our thoughts to the garden.

If you're a dog owner you may be looking tentatively out of the window at your garden and wondering what on earth you are going to do about those awful brown marks on your lawn caused by the dog urinating on the grass.

Lawn burn marks are caused by high levels of nitrogen found in

dog urine. Bitches tend to mark more because they squat. A

male dog who cocks his leg sprays the urine over a wider area

hence reducing damage to the lawn but he can still cause a lot

of browning to your shrubs and plants.

Nitrogen, in small doses, is in fact very good for the lawn. Hence

the reason why you may have noticed that there is often a dark

green circle around the brown patch. An overdose of nitrogen unfortunately has the opposite effect and will kill the lawn. Once a brown patch appears, it will not re-grow unless it is re-seeded.

James Edwards, founder of 'Firstlawns' claims that lawn burn is one of the most common complaints he hears from gardeners with dogs. He cites customers who have been know to follow their dog around the garden with a watering can to pour over the offending spot every time the dog urinates. This method might be effective but it is somewhat impractical for most of us ...


Firstly, you can try to train your dog to urinate in a specific place; maybe there is an area of the garden that you can give over to brown patches? Behind  the shed? Next to the compost heap? Training is easiest with a puppy although not impossible with a fully grown dog. Take your pup/dog out on a lead to urinate at regular intervals throughout the day. Always take them to the same patch of grass for urinating. Through a process of association, you may be able to train them to toilet in the same area.


Also assess your pet's diet as dry foods tend to exacerbate the problem. Many commercially produced pet foods contain poor quality carbohydrates and fillers which will increase the concentration of nitrogen in your pet's urine. Consider swapping to a natural diet of raw meat, bones and vegetables. Click to  read more about a natural diet.

Finally, you may wish to purchase a lawn burn prevention product. However, be careful. Many of these contain added chemicals, dextrose and fillers which could have a detrimental effect on your dog's health. Check the ingredients list carefully and do not use any product which will alter the PH balance of your dog' s urine or which contains any unnatural ingredients.


Green Peez is a new, herbal product which a number of lawn care companies recommend to their clients. It contains only natural ingredients and will support the urinary health of the dog as well as prevent lawn burn marks.

Firstlawns have been recommending that their clients' dogs use Green Peez for a year now and have seen excellent results. Dog owners add a few drops of Green Peez to their dog's daily meal. This means that owners can be sure that their pet is getting their full daily amount as required. Depending on the time of year, gardeners can expect to see results within a month. Whilst Green Peez will prevent new patches appearing it cannot bring existing marks back to life so these should be re-seeded.

Use of a herbal remedy, diet and training should dramatically improve the appearance of your lawn. Follow these guidelines for a safe and effective solution to this frustrating problem.

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