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UNWIND.  Homeopathic tablet  formula given once daily to help keep excitable dogs and puppies calm.  Will not cause drowsiness.

30 day course £9.99          90 day course £25.00

Noise Remedy is a homeopathic tablet formula to help noise sensitive dogs cope with fireworks, thunderstorms, low flying aircraft and other noisy scenarios. Can either be given three times daily or on an as needed basis. Especially useful for thunderstorms!

We recommend using it 3 times daily from mid October as you never know when a firework is going to be let off especially as a lot of the children are on half term at that time.   Alternatively if there is an unexpected and sudden firework display nearby you can give a tablet every 20 minutes as often as necessary.   Works a treat! Does not cause drowsiness.

Noise Remedy £12.99 for 4 week supply (84 tablets)

FIREWORKS SPECIAL (Noise Remedy and CalmXtra) £20

4 week supply £12.99         Order with Calm Xtra for a special  price of £20 for both. Offer ends 31/10/14

Noise Remedy only                Noise Remedy with Calm Xtra

                                          our FIREWORK SPECIAL!  


Dog scared of fireworks?

Loud noises? Thunder?

Our range of calming products helps dogs to chill out …

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Use CalmXtra in conjunction with Noise Remedy to soothe and calm your dog during fireworks or any noisy situation. Click for more information about CalmXtra.

£9.50 30ml bottle.

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Order our Fireworks Special £20-  Noise Remedy and CalmXtra together  - and save £2.49 compared to when purchased separately.  

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