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A herbal product to help keep your lawn green and eliminate lawn burns while supporting your dog's kidneys and urinary tract.

Green Peez is an exciting new development  from Canine Natural Cures to help prevent ugly lawn burn spots or brown patches caused by urine from dogs and bitches.

Containing a unique blend of herbs Green Peez is a totally safe, natural solution to lawn burn. As an added bonus, the herbs used in Green Peez are all known to contribute to a healthy urinary tract.

Unlike some other products on the market, Green Peez does not alter the natural PH balance of your dog's urine nor does it contain any artificial additives or chemicals.

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Green Peez

'Green Peez has worked wonders - very, very happy with it and will certainly be ordering some more once this bottle has run out (which, judging by how little we have to use each day - just 7/8 drops in her breakfast - will be a while yet)! No more burn patches on the lawn, and she certainly hasn't complained about the taste, nor has it upset her in any other way, thankfully. 10/10!'

 Matt G., Kent


Using Green Peez couldn't be simpler. Depending on the weight of your dog, simply add a few drops of the herbal blend to your pet's daily meal.

See the table below for full usage details and to see what great value Green Peez is.

Suggested daily amount:

Small dogs 5 - 7 drops

Medium dogs 7 - 10 drops

Large dogs 10 - 15 drops

100 ml bottle used at 10 drops daily will last approx 200 days


Pure herbal tinctures of:

Burdock Root

Celery Seed

Golden Rod



Made in UK.


Depending on the time of year, you should notice an improvement in your lawn within 4 weeks.

Once you start to see a greener garden, it is time to think about re-seeding old lawn burn marks as Green Peez will only prevent new patches appearing; it cannot repair those scorch marks!  

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'Many thanks.  It definitely works!'

Sue S.,  London

'Having tried the costly and ineffective Australian dog rocks, we have been hugely impressed with Green Peez. Delighted to once again have a lawn without the crazy paving effect of the yellow stains/dead grass.'

Peter O-E., Surrey

100 ml £19.99

Green Peez

'Wonderful, simply superb.' Elsie T., Hereford

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